The Silver Coast Retreat is a three-day personal development experience that offers transformation through profound insight.

Positive Transitions - Friday 29th to Sunday 31st March 2019

The Silver Coast Retreat is a blend of therapy, reflection and care. Step back from the day to day pressures and consider the state of the genuinely important areas of life.


By looking at specific aspects of meaningful satisfaction and happiness using established techniques from different psychological styles. The Retreat explores techniques to assess current priorities, see how they came to be and ways to move forward towards what is genuinely desirable and achievable.

The support to enable people to reconnect with their true self, refreshed with realistic tools to create and sustain worthwhile change.

Prices start at €650. Including pre and post-retreat support, tuition, accommodation and breakfast.

Retreats provide a mixture of workshops and group work as well as some opportunity to explore more personal areas. Generally in more luxurious and relaxing surroundings.

To secure a place in any of the above groups contact Alison​. You will only be asked to pay once sufficient numbers are confirmed. Typically there will be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 places.​

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