Support for Spouses

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Unhappiness for the accompanying partner in moving and living abroad is the most common reason for overseas assignments to fail. This is broadly because the needs and issues created for a supporting partner are not adequately addressed. They are not anticipated, not appreciated and lead to substantial dissatisfaction in the home.

Common things I hear from Spouses:

  • life

  • social network

  • sense of worth

  • kids

  • household

  • trapped

  • I want to go home ...

Here are ...

Arrive and Thrive - The 5 areas you need to focus on:

Here are 5 free online webinars of 3 - 10 mins each:

If you found those useful you may also want to consider​ 1:1 personal coaching sessions or the Retreat on How to Evolve Abroad


Individual Coaching - Truly Thrive Abroad

90 minutes of focussed coaching in two sessions covering:

  • Connection, Community, Friends

  • GROWS framework

  • 30 day Connect programme

Price €95 (just complete the contact form below)

Retreat for Spouses and Couples

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