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Personal Change is a Journey with a Direction in Mind

Evolve - Be you abroad - 18th to 20th October - Pricing from €285 - €465

Do you feel that you’ve lost the essence of who you are?


Are you missing having a circle of people that you really connect with? People with who you can share this experience of living abroad, with all its delights and frustrations?


Does it feel like you’re living in a gilded gage – you have everything anyone could want but you often feel lonely and miss the familiarity of home?


You’re in good company, most accompanying partners / trailing spouses have similar feelings. The first year or so abroad can be a very difficult time, many find that they can’t talk openly with old friends ‘back home’ and they haven’t yet made close-enough friends to open up to in their new location.


I’ve worked with 100’s of women in just this situation, I understand what helps and I know how supportive a community of like-minded women can be.


This retreat is a compilation of the most effective tools I’ve found and a time & place to connect and bond with others in a similar situation.


During our time together you will have the opportunity to:

  • Share your outer journey of travel and discovery and be genuinely heard by others.

  • Explore your inner journey that’s accompanied the physical relocation, and draw upon it to build your resilience.

  • Appreciate your unique identity, how you got this far and how you now move forward positively.

  • Identify your patterns of self-sabotage and how to evolve out of them.

  • Be part of a supportive community that endures after our retreat has ended.

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  • Arrive on the afternoon of Friday 18th October to settle in and meet everyone before the welcome session and an informal dinner at Casa do Castelo Verde.

  • Spend a full day with the group on Saturday 19th, followed by dinner out at a local restaurant.

  • We have a slightly later start on Sunday 20th, lunch is included and the day ends mid afternoon.

  • There will be a mixture of group work, individual reflection and working in pairs.


What’s included:-

  • 3 days / 2 Nights accommodation** and breakfast

  • Lunch on Saturday & Sunday

  • Dinner on Friday & Saturday

  • All materials for the creative exercises

  • Ongoing support in private Facebook group

Video conference review at 3 and 6 months after the Retreat

** It is possible to book the retreat and arrange your own accommodation.

The gallery below shows you what the Villa at Casa do Castelo Verde is like. You can find more here with accommodation layout and what the Silver Coast of Portugal is like.

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