Support for Individuals

For you if your move abroad has created its own challenges, dredged up past hurts or you simply want to benefit from this time of personal growth.


You may know specifically what you need or don't know what the problem is, just that you don't feel happy with your new life abroad. I have worked with hundreds of people as they re-adjust to life in a new country, so I have lots of experience in what helps. 

Common things I hear from my clients include:-

  • I feel like I'm living in a gilded gage. My life looks amazing from the outside, but I feel trapped, sad and lonely most of the time. I'm worried I'm depressed.

  • What about me? All I do now is drive the kids around, sort out the household problems and socialise. I used to have a career!

  • I never expected this to be SO hard, I really miss home, I want to go home to see my friends, my family ...

  • I really want to make the most of this move - what an opportunity!

Individuals can choose Therapy or Coaching or join a Transitions Group and work with peers.

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