Group-work enables learning by participating directly as well as by observing and listening to others. Each session covers a particular theme, usually exploring and experiencing established models and techniques. This allows group members to develop both personal insight and deeper understanding of others who matter to them, often through the shared and different responses. Group work can be both more stimulating and result in more profound learning than individual sessions. It also has the capacity to offer meaningful friendship and support.

Transitions Group - Lisbon                                               €345

- 10 Sessions from Wed 7th Nov 2018 to Wed 3rd July 2019

- 2 hours per session on the 1st Wednesday of each month

- Online private support group

This group is currently open to new member requests.


The group will be based on success of the established group. The first session in November will be a taster session with no obligation. Thereafter the group will be closed so members can become comfortable and secure with each other as the group explores issues related to personal and family transitions.

It will be possible to meet with members of the live group at the International Women's Club Portugal (IWP) coffee morning or through Alison.

To understand more about how the group works and the types of areas covered, complete your name and email​ above. We will arrange an exploratory call before any commitment. Typically there will be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 places in the group.​

Transitions Group - Lisbon - Monthly Jan to Dec 2018 - Live full

This is a group of international women all interested in exploring and understand the complexities of multi-cultural lives. The group has a specific theme for each session recommended by the group leader or by mutual consensus from the group. The format provides an introduction and approach based on real world and local environment. Then dynamically explores personal feelings, thoughts and actions for any given experience. Sometimes themes are repeated at a deeper and more emotional level depending on the desires of the group.

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